Correct Action

A world leader taught his nation to be people that are economically profitable. King Solomon said in Proverbs 14:23 All Hard work brings a profit. But mere talk leads to poverty. He is right. And the wisest King in recorded history.

Do the Correct Action Positive Change exercise in this post. Train your mind to always think about taking action.

We will not destroy the mindset of poverty by waiting for somebody to raise our salaries or just talking about it.

May be waiting a pretty long time. We will not fund teachers, nonprofits, human service professionals, or defeat homelessness by waiting for a wage that is consistent with inflation or the cost of living.

We have to build substantial revenue outside of the current environment. That's it.

If no one is willing to build passive income, then I guess we wait until someone raises wages consistent to our value, raises budgets to fund teachers and class rooms, Increase military and first responder salary levels for keeping law and order and saving lives, etc.

Let's take action and learn how to build substantial revenue.
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Correct Action Positive Change Exercise

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