Fundraising strategies for nonprofits in 2021 must include Online Course Revenue

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According to Forbes the Online E-Learning Industry will eclipse $325 Billion by 2025.  And they have not missed prior growth projections from 2015 until now. Forbes E-Learning Industry

The need for nonprofits to tap into the E-Learning industry as a source of consistent funding has never been greater.

2020 was a tough year to say the least for all small businesses, not to mention nonprofits, who rely on grants and corporate donations to sustain growth, mission, vision, and operations.

No one could foresee how COVID-19 would impact nonprofits.  But it did.

“The AFP surveyed 850 U.S.-based fundraisers in May. Asked about 2021, fundraisers are more pessimistic still: 72 percent believe they will raise less money next year than they do in a typical year, while a mere 12 percent anticipate raising more.

The gloom was not evenly spread throughout the fundraising community…………

“There is one general rule that is the most important for charities to follow during difficult and challenging times,” AFP President & CEO Mike Geiger said via a statement. “Organizations cannot afford to stop fundraising, and those charities that continue to raise funds — and even increase their fundraising — will do the best. We have to raise money and engage our donors with sensitivity, but the funding must continue in order to support our critically needed missions.”” AFP Survey

E-Learning as a viable source of consistent funding for nonprofits has been validated by the countless online entrepreneurs that are consistently earning over $6 to $7 figures annually.

Nonprofits and human service initiatives must ask themselves, “what would a consistent $6 to $7 figure annual funding source mean to our organization?”  Then research the time and investment to learn how to build their own online funding source.

If the investment to learn how to build a consistent self-funding source is less than paying fundraising staff, online course revenue must be part of nonprofit funding strategies moving forward in 2021 and beyond.

Here are some examples of current online entrepreneurs that report consistently earning $6 and $7 figures annually:

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