Military and First Responder Families Must Create Passive Income in 2021

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Our passion is to destroy the mindset of poverty in all human service fields. And to see all human service positions highly compensated and highly appreciated. The truth is, there are real obstacles outside the control of many of us. We cannot control entry level pay, we cannot control inflation and taxes, we cannot control when and if there will be an increase of compensation.

What we can do is use all avenues given to us to build additional revenue for our families until things change. If you are a military and first responder family, commit to building a profitable online vision in 2021 and we will help you accomplish revenue and life goals as you continue to save lives for our communities.

The article blow is eye opening. There are no “under classed, or second class” military and first responders.

NBC News: Medical First Responders Say They are Under Paid.

“Despite the growing burden on EMS personnel, the median earnings for EMTs or paramedics in the United States is $34,000 per year — which is a third less than firefighters’ average annual pay of $50,000, and a little more than half of police officers’ $63,000, according to 2018 figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the latest data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Average annual expenditures for all consumers in 2019 were $63,036, a 3.0-percent increase from 2018.” If an average budget for military and first responder family is $65,000 with taxes, inflation, and housing; the average family will need additional income for housing, emergencies, family planning, retirement planning, college planning for children and normal living expenses.

There is a need to educate and train all military and first responder families about financial freedom, passive income, and ways to create financial success as a mode of operation. To build a culture that embraces financial success within the current environment. Meaning, until the average base pay keeps up with housing, taxes, and inflation then there will be a need for families to earn additional income.

Many sources of additional revenue can be created by finding a topic you are passionate about, finding a product or service you can get behind and promote, learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

Any military and first responder family who has made it through the rigorous training, often grueling training to obtain the right of rank, title, and oaths to service; You already have the background to learn an additional skill to secure the financial future for your families.

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